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The term Jouvence is commonly used in French to signify "Fountain of Youth". At La Connexional, we believe that staying young is a state of mind. These handcrafted artisanal bitters were carefully brought to life with our partners at Token Bitters.

Hibiscus is a quintessential ABCL herb that is used in African, Black, Carribean, and Latinx/e cultures. One sip of our Hibiscus Ginger Lime custom flavour will send you to the beach, with the salty ocean breeze and warm sunrays, while indulging in your favourite drink.

Try adding our Hibiscus Ginger Lime to a "clear beverage" to truly experience the magic behind our beverage enhancing potions.

What are bitters?

Bitters are a spice rack for your drinks. A couple of droppers add flavour and complexity to your favourite cocktail or mocktail. ~ Token Bitters